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If you are involved in a car accident, but you were driving or struck by a rental car, the situation could get complicated. Rental car accidents can be complex so you may need help from a car accident attorney. Speak with the rental car accident lawyers at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, P.C. to learn more about your options.

Two Light Vehicle Accident

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When seeking compensation for rental vehicle accidents, you need attorneys with extensive experience. Our legal team has decades of success dealing with rental car accident cases and we take a compassionate, client-focused approach to our services. Our team is prepared to handle the insurance company, the rental car company, and any other liable parties to seek the compensation you are due after a motor vehicle accident. 

Your rental car accident case needs to be handled by an experienced car accident lawyer. Your personal accident insurance and the rental car insurance may be difficult to navigate, even if you have filed a car accident claim before. An attorney focused on your rental car crash can guide you through the complexities of insurance with a car rental company. 

When your medical bills are piling up during your car accident lawsuit, especially if your health insurance is not covering your needs, you need a team with experience dealing with these companies. Car accident victims may have difficulty getting answers from their insurance company, but car accident lawyers with a history of wins against unfair insurance claims can help get the medical expenses from your car accident case covered. When you seek compensation through an insurance policy after an accident involving a rental car, reach out to the team that knows what to expect and how to tackle your claim. 

Because your car accident involved rental car drivers, you may require knowledge beyond your personal auto insurance policy. Motor vehicle accidents involving a rental company can be complex, and you may need extensive knowledge of the Pittsburgh laws impacting your car crash. Fortunately, our law firm offers accident victims the legal knowledge needed to navigate how an accident occurred, who is responsible, and what they may be due in their car accident settlement.

How a Pittsburgh rental car accident law firm can help you

Even a minor car accident deserves maximum compensation, which can be hard to get when the insurance adjuster is reluctant to pay. Without an experienced attorney for an auto accident, most personal injury claims will not get the maximum compensation for a crash involving rental cars. Hiring a rental car accident attorney can help you navigate your car insurance policy, and get you compensated for damages like lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering. 

Can I sue a car rental agency?

If you believe your injuries were caused by the negligence of the rental car company, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. An attorney might be able to gather evidence proving the negligence of the rental car agency. But first, injury victims may need to secure legal services, starting with a free consultation, that can help them navigate this claim, get compensated through liability coverage, or pursue a lawsuit in court. 

Rental car accident claims

Rental car accident lawyers in Pittsburgh can pursue compensation for the costs related to your accident, which can cover a number of accidents. Personal injury cases may include a wrongful death claim, defective product claim, or a car accident claim caused by a driver’s negligence, among others. Talk to your lawyer about your claim type, whether your auto insurance will cover it, and what a personal injury case can do for you. 

What to do after a rental car accident

One of your first steps to take after a rental car accident is to get medical care, which helps protect your health and creates medical records that can be vital evidence. You also need to gather information like the insurance and contact information of everyone involved. Finally, talk to your attorney about your options for legal action that can help you recover from your injuries. 

Filing insurance claims for rental car accidents

Rental car companies have specific insurance requirements, which can help your claim succeed. Even if the driver’s insurance policy does not cover the many expenses you are facing, the rental company may have insurance that meets your needs. However, filing a claim with an insurance company can be tricky. 

This is because insurance companies are for-profit businesses, meaning your recovery may be secondary to their profits. Often, that means they will try to avoid paying for the many expenses and losses you have suffered. Talk to your lawyer about holding the insurance company accountable for your injuries and your legal options if they continue to refuse to pay fair compensation for your suffering.

Light Vehicle Totally Crashed In An Accident

Compensation and legal remedies for rental car accident victims

Compensation can cover many types of damages, and pursuing compensation can help rental car accident victims recover the losses they suffered due to the accident. The compensation can cover the medical costs of serious injuries, like spinal cord injuries; it can also cover legal fees, lost wages, and out of pocket expenses. You may also be due compensation for your pain and suffering and other intangible, non-economic damages. 

If you have suffered any of those damages after a car crash, reach out for the services of Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, P.C. and our Pittsburgh rental car accident lawyers. Our attorneys can help by taking action, pursuing the compensation you need, and representing you throughout the process. To learn more about your legal remedies, reach out by calling or filling out our online contact form.