Pittsburgh Road Rage Accident Lawyers

Any car accident can be dangerous, but a road rage accident can be worse. Aggressive driving can lead to more serious injuries in an accident, requiring an experienced car accident lawyer for the accident claim. 

Suppose you have experienced a road rage incident and need help, our Pittsburgh road rage accident lawyers at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky. In that case, P.C. are here to guide you through your car accident claim or personal injury lawsuit.

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Why Choose Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, P.C. As Your Pittsburgh Road Rage Attorneys

A car accident lawyer can be a major help in any car or motorcycle accident. A car accident attorney experienced in road rage incidents can help you navigate negotiations with the insurance company, gather evidence for the car crash, and pursue compensation. 

We have a century of experience as Pittsburgh road rage injury attorneys

When you are hurt by an aggressive driver, you should find an experienced car accident attorney. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience helping drivers who suffered a serious injury because an aggressive driver struck their car. That means our car accident attorneys can guide you through your case while you recover.

Comprehensive legal services tailored to road rage cases

Our team of car accident lawyers understands that you have specific concerns when you are involved in a road rage accident. You may have serious injuries, the other driver’s insurance company may try to avoid compensation, and you may need to find evidence that the driver was aggressive. When you are in a car accident caused by road rage, our comprehensive legal services can help you.

A track record of successful settlements 

As you pursue financial compensation, you need a law firm with a track record of success. Our personal injury law firm has navigated many successful claims and are here to help yours succeed. 

Personalized attention and compassionate representation

When you are facing a complex motor vehicle accident, you may struggle to balance your pursuit of compensation for your medical bills and other losses with your health and recovery. Your personal injury attorney should provide compassionate representation at every stage of the lawsuit up to the final verdict. Our team fights for you rights and advocates for your compensation.

Common causes of road rage accidents

The road rage driver may have been breaking the speed limit, drifting into your lane to intimidate you, or brake-checking, all of which are common causes of accidents that law firms will investigate.

The legal aspects of road rage cases in Pittsburgh

When someone causes a road rage accident, it can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company may cover your expenses, as Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, but insurance companies are for-profit businesses, so they may not be willing to compensate you. You may need to file a personal injury lawsuit, which can help provide you with fair compensation while holding the aggressive driver responsible for their reckless driving.

Building a strong case

One of the first steps is to seek medical attention. This can help prove your medical expenses and even prove fault, as it connects your injuries to the aggressive behavior of the other driver. Evidence may also be found at the scene, from eyewitness testimony to traffic or dash-cam footage of the driver’s aggressive behavior. The police report can also be a crucial piece of evidence.

Negotiating with insurance companies for fair compensation

When you seek compensation through your insurance coverage, you may have difficulty navigating the insurance claims process. While you may have personal injury protection or liability coverage, your insurance provider may be unwilling to cover the costs of certain damages, like physical pain, or the other non-economic expenses caused by car crashes. Your attorney can help you navigate complex car accident claims.

The importance of seeking medical attention after a road rage accident

When you have been injured by aggressive driving, distracted driving, or other negligent behavior on the road, you may need medical care right away. Acting quickly to get your injuries treated can help prevent your injuries from getting worse and causing permanent damage. Seeking medical care can also help you pursue other damages such as lost wages, and it can help connect your injuries to the traffic offenses committed by the other party.

Potential legal avenues for compensation

When the other party has violated traffic laws, such as changing lanes without warning, tailgating, or other illegal actions, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Unlike your insurance claim, you may pursue compensation for both economic and non-economic damages in a lawsuit. That can help injury victims get the full compensation they are due.

Filing a lawsuit if a fair settlement cannot be reached

In some cases, filing an insurance claim may be simpler and easier than pursuing compensation in court. However, you may be unable to get the full compensation you are due from the insurance company because the insurance company might lowball your settlement offer and offer you far less than the compensation you need. Because of this, you may need to speak with your attorney about settlement negotiations. You should also consider pursuing a lawsuit with your attorney if the insurance company is unwilling to provide a fair settlement.

Eyewitness testimony and expert witnesses in road rage cases

When preparing a road rage case, eyewitness testimony can be a crucial part of your claim because they can state whether the at-fault party committed road rage. Their point of view can help support your version of events. Expert witnesses can reconstruct the accident to prove the aggressive driver’s negligent and reckless behavior led to a road rage incident.

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Is road rage a criminal offense in PA?

Pennsylvania takes road rage seriously, which means that the at-fault party could be facing a criminal conviction. Aggravated vehicular assault is a criminal offense, specifically a third-degree felony, which means the aggressive driver could face severe legal penalties if you suffered a serious injury because of their road rage. Your attorney can help you navigate the process of the separate criminal trial.

We provide support and resources to help victims recover physically and emotionally

Our team of attorneys at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, P.C. work hard to provide the tools and resources our clients need to recover compensation for their suffering. If you need the help that a Pittsburgh road rage accident lawyer can provide, all you have to do is reach out for a free consultation. Our team is available for a consultation when you call or complete our online contact form.