Pittsburgh Child Injury Lawyers

When your child is injured, it can impact their future. If your child’s injuries are serious, a child injury lawyer can help you and them. Pittsburgh child injury attorneys can help you get compensated for the medical bills and other losses your family has experienced because of your child’s injury.

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An Introduction to Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, P.C. 

When you need Pittsburgh child injury lawyers, look no further than the team at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, P.C. We have won more than $250 million for our clients, and we are determined to win more for your child’s injuries. Child injuries deserve attention and care, and we are here to provide the support your family needs. 

Key Services We Provide 

We understand it can be complex and difficult to make big decisions when your child suffers a serious injury. Here are some of the services our team offers for your recovery: 

Comprehensive Legal Representation 

When filing a child injury lawsuit, you may be overwhelmed by the legal statutes that impact your case. That makes it easy to make mistakes that can hurt your personal injury claim. A Pittsburgh child injury lawyer can represent you and your family in the courtroom for serious injury cases, ensuring your claim follows the many statutes and laws that can impact your case. 

Experience in Various Types of Child Injury Cases  

When a child has suffered an injury, it is important to know the specific laws impacting that case. From birth injuries to dog bites, there are many ways a child could get hurt, and you should have an attorney with experience in them all. Our team understands the many ways a childhood injury can happen and can help you navigate these claims. 

Client-Focused Approach and Compassionate Advocacy  

When facing a case because of the injuries sustained by your child, it is easy to get focused on issues like the insurance company and taking your case to court. However, our team does not forget that our clients are suffering because of their child’s injury. We focus on our client’s comfort while advocating for their right to compensation.

Legal Representation for Child Injury Cases 

When your child’s medical bills and injury recovery are impacting your life, it can be difficult to handle a legal claim. Our attorneys are here to act on your behalf, so you can focus on your child’s health and not just the legal standing of your case. 

Common Causes of Child Injuries 

When an accident happens, you need a Pittsburgh child injury attorney to help you navigate childhood injuries caused by negligent supervision, faulty products, and more. Our law firm can help you get compensation for your child’s injuries. Talk to your lawyer about how the accident occurred and get the relief your child deserves. 

Playground Accidents and Injuries 

A playground accident can lead to serious injuries. A serious accident like a fall from the monkey bars or swings, can lead to a head injury that impacts a child’s cognitive abilities. If your child suffered a preventable injury on a playground due to unsafe equipment, a lack of supervision, or another cause, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. 

School-Related Injuries and Negligence

When a parent or legal guardian entrusts their child with a school or daycare facility, they expect their child to be taken care of. Unfortunately, there are cases of negligent teachers ignoring abuse by older children or other staff, leading to serious injuries, abuse, and even death. 

Medical Malpractice 

When your child needs medical care, a lack of appropriate medical attention can hurt them. When a doctor makes a mistake and causes a birth injury, your child may suffer from conditions like cerebral palsy or other long term consequences. 

Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

When a child suffers abuse, it can be difficult for parents or guardians to know where to begin with the case. A consultation with an injury attorney can open potential avenues for injury cases, including options for removing the child from the dangerous situation. 

Injuries from Defective Products 

The Centers for Disease Control frequently alert people about dangerous products and if your child has been injured by one, you may have grounds to pursue compensation for all the expenses caused by their injury. 

When your child is hurt by someone else’s negligence, Pittsburgh injury lawyers can help you pursue compensatory and punitive damages. Defective product cases can also impact car accidents. 

Ogg, Murphy, and Perkosky’s Successful Cases 

Our team has helped many families overcome devastating accidents, from swimming pool accidents to puncture wounds from dog bites. One of our most successful outcomes was the $16 million recovered in a stillborn death case. After an eight-day trial with multiple witnesses and expert testimony, we recovered compensation for the wrongful death of our client’s child. 

Our Firm’s Commitment to Compassionate Advocacy 

Our firm focuses on our clients’ success. We are committed to advocating for our clients, from our free consultations to our work done on a contingent fee basis. We work hard to get our clients positive results by getting them the compensation they need.

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Pittsburgh Child Injury FAQ

What to do when a child gets hurt?

When a child is hurt, first seek out the cause and the parties responsible. This may be a hospital, school, property owners, product manufacturers, or even a parent. If you are unsure, reach out to an attorney for help. 

How do you help a child cope with an injury?

Injuries can be traumatic for a child, but appropriate healthcare, therapy, and support can make a big difference. Your family can also seek compensation through an attorney. 

How can an accident affect a child’s development?

An accident can impact your child’s physical, mental, and emotional growth. Talk to your lawyer about accounting for this as you pursue compensation. 

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