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Types of Construction Accidents

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency under the Department of Labor that oversees and inspects workplaces and compiles statistics on construction site accidents. The most frequently-cited OSHA standards violations in 2020 were lack of fall protection, lack of respiratory protection, ineffective hazard communication, lack of machine and machine guarding protection, scaffolding and ladder violations, and lack of control of hazardous materials. The four most fatal construction accidents are falls, electrocutions, “struck by” accidents, and caught in-between accidents.


Falls from roofs, scaffolding, ladders, and other high places are one of the most common construction site accidents and cause of construction site fatalities. According to OSHA, approximately 35% of all occupational deaths in the United States are caused by falls. Roofing contractors are at the most risk of falling. Falls lead to broken bones and spinal cord injuries and prevent the worker from returning to work.


According to the CDC, 61% of all US workplace electrocutions in 2015 occurred on construction sites. In accordance with OSHA guidelines, workers must use proper lockout and tag-out procedures and keep a safe distance from parts that are energized. In the city of Pittsburgh, an electrician is required to have a license before performing electrical work for safety purposes.

Machinery Accidents

Heavy, powerful machines are necessary to get the work done, but they come with inherent risk. Everyone from the machine operators to nearby workers is at risk of serious injuries when machines malfunction, collapse, roll over, or collide with other people or objects. These accidents may be caused by negligent workers or faulty equipment design or manufacturing. A Pittsburgh construction accident lawyer investigates the cause of the machinery accident to determine who is liable.

Falling Objects

A common cause of injury and death on construction sites is falling objects such as materials, tools, and equipment. Demolitions, tearing out old roofing and renovations pose a risk of objects falling from the roof or ceiling onto workers. Workers should have hard hats and other protective equipment to prevent injury. They should secure loose items so that they don’t fall and hit someone below. Site supervisors must ensure that everyone working on a site is aware of the danger of objects possibly falling on them if demolition work is being done. 

Truck Accidents

30 percent of accidents in construction zones involve large trucks. Speeding, tailgating, unexpected lane shifts, not obeying road work flaggers or workers entering the roadway are some of the most common causes of work zone accidents. 

Caught In-Between

These types of accidents occur when a worker is caught between two objects, such as when materials or a work tunnel collapses on a worker. Caught in-between construction accidents can occur when workers wear loose clothing that puts them at risk of being pulled into moving equipment or machinery. 

Common Construction Site Injuries

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Construction sites are naturally dangerous places, and workers are often put in risky situations. They must trust their team members, their safety equipment, and their supervisors to take precautionary measures at all times. Here are some of the most common injuries that occur as a result of construction accidents.

Head Injuries

Construction workers can suffer head injuries from being struck by falling debris, slipping and falling, or being crushed by heavy machinery. The forceful impact to the head can cause traumatic brain injuries such as brain bleeding, concussions, edema, and neural damage. TBI caused by a construction accident injury can range from mild to severe, with severe TBI including paralysis, coma, memory loss, mood swings, and permanent disability. Wearing a hard hat and following safety procedures can limit how much damage is done. Fractured jaws, broken teeth, and facial disfigurement are other types of head injuries.

Back And Spine Injuries

Falls or the impact of a truck or heavy machinery colliding into construction workers can cause injuries to the neck, shoulders, back, and legs. Workers on road construction sites are at risk of being struck by motor vehicles, causing spinal cord injuries. Approximately 30 percent of all work zone crashes involve large trucks. The spinal cord is a column of nerves that run down the back and are encased in the bones of the spine. This bone can fracture and puncture the spinal cord, leading to paralysis and other mobility and sensory deficiencies. Quadriplegia, a type of spinal cord injury, increases the victim’s risk of having a stroke and developing urinary tract infections, pneumonia, pressure sores, obesity, and muscle atrophy.


Severe burns on construction sites are often the result of gases exploding or electrocution. Skin grafts and reconstructive burn surgery may be required to to improve the function of the skin and the cosmetic appearance of scars. First-degree burns only affect the top-most layer of skin, the epidermis. Third and fourth-degree burns can cause nerve damage, charred tissues and bone, and intense pain.

Broken Bones

There are two types of bone fractures: simple and compound. Simple bone fractures, also known as closed fractures, are breaks that occur within the body and do not penetrate the skin. Compound fractures, however, do penetrate the skin and expose the bone and tissues to the outside. Multiple, severe fractures can prevent a worker from returning to work for months or years. 

What is a Construction Accident Settlement Worth?

Usually, when you have been injured on a construction site, you file a workers’ compensation claim. Worker’s Compensation benefits are extended to construction workers who are injured in a construction site accident or become sick due to exposure over time. Pennsylvania law requires that most companies, including construction companies, carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation benefits include medical care for work-related injuries, temporary disability benefits, ongoing medical care, or funeral costs in the case of wrongful death.

However, if a third party was responsible for your injuries, then you can file a personal injury lawsuit. There are two types of financial compensation you can receive in your Pittsburgh construction accident: economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages compensate you for your pecuniary losses such as your medical expenses, lost wages, future loss, or any out-of-pocket expenses you had. Construction accident injuries can lead to high medical bills, lost wages, and future lost earning potential if your injuries prevent you from returning to work. Non-economic damages compensate you for the subjective pain and suffering you endured as a result of your injuries.

The only way to know how much your personal injury lawsuit is worth is to contact a construction accident attorney to schedule your free case evaluation. We are here to help you pursue compensation and recover your damages after your construction site accident. Our Pittsburgh construction accident lawyers have years of experience handling construction accident cases.

Wrongful Death

The surviving loved ones of a fatally injured construction worker can recover compensation for the victim’s medical bills accrued before their untimely death and other damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. A construction accident attorney who specializes in wrongful death can help you recover:

  • Medical expenses related to the injury
  • The pain and suffering the victim endured before their untimely death
  • Lost wages from the time of death until the end of the worker’s expected life span
  • Emotional distress 
  • Funeral expenses
  • Estate administration costs

What Can a Construction Accident Lawyer Do for You?

Construction accidents devastate workers and their families, and filing a worker’s compensation insurance claim can be very convoluted. You don’t have to face this alone. If you’re an injured worker in Pittsburgh, PA, then call the Pittsburgh construction accident lawyers at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, P.C. at (412) 471-8500. Our law firm has helped hundreds of injured workers navigate the Pennsylvania worker’s compensation system.

We help you pursue a personal injury claim or get the worker’s compensation benefits that you deserve after suffering an injury in an accident on a construction site. We thoroughly examine the facts surrounding the accident scene to determine if safety guidelines were followed or if machinery components failed to work properly. We speak to witnesses of the accident and review logs and other relevant documents from the construction company. We provide compassionate and knowledgeable legal counsel to help you through this devastating time. We start with a free consultation, so there is no risk in your speaking to a Pittsburgh construction accident lawyer, so call now.

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